Thursday, January 7, 2016

Introducing the Zodiac Block of the Month Pattern!

Alright everyone. Here it is! I said that those who signed up for my newsletter would be the first to see the full design, so I wanted to give them a chance to see it first! ;) But I really can't wait any longer to share this with you!! I'm so excited!!

 photo Zodiac-BOM_zpshoj41zkl.jpg

I am so grateful for all the enthusiasm I've already received for this pattern! Thank you so much!! I'm glad you like the design! I can't wait to see what you all make!

I have spent so much time working on this in the past week, that I think my brain is getting a little overwhelmed. I will do my best to explain this as simply as I can, so you know exactly what to expect. :)

What is the Zodiac BOM?

The Zodiac BOM is a Block of the Month pattern that includes 12 different patterns. Each named after a sign of the Zodiac. Together the blocks will create a sampler quilt. The blocks can also be used individually to create a beautiful repeat pattern all on their own. To tie the blocks together, there is a "lattice" design that runs through all the blocks to make them more uniform in the overall design.

Each of the 12 patterns will come in 3 different sizes: 9 inch, 12 inch and 18 inch. By the end of the year, that is essentially a total of 36 different patterns. I love having options, as the different sizes lend themselves to different projects (quilts, mini quilts, placemats, bags, pillows, etc.) It's kind of become my motto, that anything I would want when using my pattern, I include for everyone else as well! No skimping here.

Each month the pattern will be updated to include the new block for that month. The patterns will be released on the first day of the corresponding sign. Here are the release dates for each pattern:
January 20: Aquarius
February 19: Pisces
March 21: Aries
April 20: Taurus
May 21: Gemini
June 21: Cancer
July 23: Leo
August 23: Virgo
September 22: Libra
October 24: Scorpio
November 22: Sagittarius
December 22: Capricorn

If you purchase the pattern from Craftsy. You can download the updated pattern directly from Craftsy after the release date. Simply go to your account, go to your purchased patterns, and redownload the pattern.

If you purchase the pattern from Etsy or my Bigcartel shop, I will email the updated pattern to the email you used to purchase the pattern with (this is the email connected to your Etsy account, or your paypal account if buying from Bigcartel). If you need me to send the pattern to a different email you MUST give me your new email at the time of purchase. I cannot send the pattern to multiple email addresses once the first update has been sent out. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Due to the number of patterns included in the BOM, the file size might become so large that I will need to break up the pattern and send out smaller files. I will update you as to how I will handle this as we get closer to this potential issue.

What is included in the pattern?

All blocks are paper pieced. Like all of my paper pieced patterns, this pattern includes all the standard things like:
  • Pattern templates - the foundation patterns that you will print out and sew your fabric to. Templates include for each of three sizes: 9 inch, 12 inch, and 18 inch. Patterns are numbered for piecing order. Each section is also labeled for color coding. Seam allowances are included on every pattern template. The pattern templates are also trimmed on the corners to help improve accuracy when joining sections together.
  • Cutting templates - used to cut out your fabric. I LOVE using cutting templates and don't paper piece without them. They eliminate fabric waste, speed up the piecing process, increase accuracy in fabric placement, and if you cut out the center they make for perfect fussy cutting!
  • Coloring pages - I will include a coloring page of the overall quilt with each block, as well as individual blocks and each block on repeat. Coloring pages are great for planning your quilt before you begin.
  • Assembly instructions,including diagrams, for joining your pattern templates after they have been pieced. 
  • General instructions. Pattern does NOT include basic paper piecing instructions.

Other resources and helps.

In addition to the pattern, I have set up a Zodiac Blog for all of those who have purchased the pattern. It is a private blog, and invites will be sent to the email attached to your purchase. If you need me to  use a different address, please let me know!

On the blog I will share tutorials for using the cutting templates, assembling pattern sections, etc. I will share my tips and techniques, and any other information that I think will be useful for helping you complete your quilt.

If you have questions or need help with something, I will post answers and help on the blog so everyone can have access to the information.  I would love to share what everyone is working on. I think it'll be fun to do this together!

I have also set up a flickr group where you can post your pictures and discuss the pattern with others who are working on it. Right now it is by invite only. So if you purchase the pattern and would like to join, please let me know! I have opened the group for everyone to join, for now. I don't get on flickr much anymore, so I don't plan on being very active there for the entire year. But I think the groups are still a good place to share pictures and host discussions - so I might be on there more than I realize.  I am Diane {from blank pages...} on flickr.

First Block: Aquarius

When you purchase the pattern before Jan 20, 2016, you will receive access to a intro PDF that will give a basic overview of the pattern, including coloring pages for the entire quilt as well as the first block.

On January 20th, I will update the pattern to include the first block, Aquarius. If you purchase the pattern on Craftsy, you can download the pattern directly from the site. Otherwise I will email the updated pattern to your email. If you purchase the pattern after the 20th, you will be able to download all of the already released patterns.

The first block is:

 photo 01-Aquarius_zpsk5a7wppn.jpg

Aquarius on repeat

Fabric Requirements:

I will include fabric requirements ONLY for the lattice design that runs through the entire quilt, so that you can be sure to have enough fabric to complete the entire design.

Other than that, I will not be including specific amounts. I will do my best to give estimates for each block, as the blocks come out. There are SO many different factors that make this task next to impossible: different block sizes, different techniques for paper piecing, some people use much larger amounts of fabric to piece with, fussy cutting requires more fabric, your specific color scheme or fabric placement changes the amount completely!

I hope you understand why I will not being doing this. (Please don't send me hate mail!) I understand that this makes it difficult for you in planning your quilt, and purchasing your fabric in advance. I apologize for the inconvenience. And I hope this won't deter you from joining me in this BOM.

Are you ready to join in?!!

The Zodiac BOM is currently on Presale and is on SALE!!

You can purchase the pattern right now, until Jan 20th 
for 50% OFF!!!!
Price is already discounted, no coupon required.

Once the first block is released on the 20th, the price will go up.

This is a deal you don't want to miss! For all that you're getting, this is a steal! The price will definitely never be this low again.

You can purchase the pattern on Craftsy, Etsy, or from my shop!

Thank yo so much for all of your excitement! I can't wait to see what you make!!

If you have any questions, please let me know and I will answer them the best I can. :)


Wednesday, January 6, 2016

oops! Zodiac BOM!

I just posted, and then deleted, a blog post that is for my Zodiac BOM blog! (I wasn't supposed to share it here. lol.) Yep! If you haven't heard, I am getting ready to publish my first block of the month pattern! I am really excited! And I have created a blog to go along with it, for everyone who purchases the pattern! Throughout the year I will post pattern updates, tips, techniques, and answer your questions, and help you anyway I can. I think it will be a great way to add a little extra encouragement for everyone to finish up the pattern, as well as step outside your comfort zone and try something a little more complex. :)

The BOM is called the Zodiac BOM, as I have named all the patterns after the different zodiac signs. Each pattern will be released on the first day of the corresponding sign. Aquarius is first and will be released on January 20th! Pisces is next and will be released on February 19th, and so on! I love doing things differently, so I think this will be a fun break from the standard everything-comes-out-on-the-first routine.

I will be sharing the full reveal through my newsletter today, so if you want to see it first, be sure to sign up! :) (I also created a free birthday cake pattern for all newsletter subscribers - to be sent out on your birthday month, or mine if you don't want to share yours. I'll share more about this soon!)

But here is a sneak peek, and perhaps my favorite part of the pattern!!

While this is a sampler quilt/BOM, all the blocks will be tied together with this lattice style design that goes throughout each block! I think they look pretty neat together, and you can repeat specific block combinations for some really great designs too! Or just use one block on repeat... they all look great! I can't wait to share more!!

The Zodiac BOM will go on PRESALE *hopefully* today! or tomorrow at the latest. (I just remembered I should probably figure out fabric requirements.... oh yeah. That might be helpful.) ;)

The presale price will be 50% off for a limited time, then go up to 25% off until January 20th. Once it starts the price will go up to full price. After the release of the last pattern in December, I offer the patterns in groups for discounted prices, for those who aren't interested in the entire pattern. But that won't be until December...

ALSO, each pattern will come in 3 sizes!! 9 inch, 12 inch and 18 inch! So there are lots of options as what you can do with the pattern. I love having options, so like all of my patterns, if I want options, I'm going to share those with you too. :)

Patterns also include the standard:
  • cutting templates
  • pattern templates
  • coloring pages
  • block assembly instructions (I'll share paper piecing techniques on the Zodiac BOM - which will be by invite only. I'll allow access to the email address used to purchase the pattern... more details on that to come.) 

Anyway, I'm really excited! And I hope you'll join me!! 
I'll let you know as soon as it's up!


Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Pillow Tutorial and a Coupon!

Hi! I hope you've all had a wonderful holiday season so far!! It came quickly and I feel it is going by just as quick! We've had so much snow, and have been enjoying it as much as we can! I hope you are all safe and enjoying whatever weather you are receiving wherever you are in the world!

I told you I'd let you know as soon as my pillow tutorial was up, and it is!

You can find the tutorial HERE!

 I love how my pillow turned out, and now I can finally send it to my sister. 4 months later. ;)

The tutorial includes lots of photos, and some fun techniques I've picked up through the years. I hope you like it!

As the days rush by, I can't help but reflect on what an amazing year 2015 has been! There have been so many changes, exciting events, and so many opportunities present themselves throughout the year! I am humbled and grateful for every one of them, good or bad. I'm a little sad to say goodbye to such an amazing year!

I'm also extremely excited to say hello to 2016!! With new opportunities already at my doorstep, and so many possibilities to choose from with where I want to go with my family, business, and life in general, I can't wait to see how it all turns out! I'm excited to take it one day at a time, and thoroughly enjoy the ride!

To celebrate the goodbye's and the hello's, here's one last coupon to end the year with any patterns you wished you'd tried, or to start the year with the ones you want to make in the coming year!

Use code: "GoodbyeHello" to save 10% 
off anything in my Etsy shop (including sale items, bags, and destash fabric) 
or in my Bigcartel shop!

Coupon good until Jan 1st, 2016 at midnight.

Happy New Year!!! 
Wishing you safe and happy celebrations!


Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!!! + Coupon! + NEW Pattern!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends stateside! And Happy Day to everyone the world over!!

We can choose to be grateful no matter what. - Dieter F Uchtdorf, General Conference April 2014:
 {Image from Pinteres}

My heart is so full this morning as I reflect on this day today, and Thanksgiving days in the past. This is one day in the year that every year, has been a good day! I have so many memories spending this day with family and dear friends! I wish I could take a picture of all my memories and post them on my wall so I could look at them every day! :)

There is something magical about this day, where all the worries of the world seem to disappear, where being with, and thinking about, loved ones become my focus, and we play and eat good food, rest, laugh, and enjoy life. I love this day. And I'm grateful for the time to reflect on all the blessings that I have! The power of gratitude is real, and something I want to hold closer to my heart every day of the year.

I hope you all have a safe and wonderful day!! Enjoy your blessings!! It is such a sweet emotion. :)

 {Image from Pinterest}

And... to say thank you to all my quilty friends, I'm offering a coupon that starts now and will end on Monday 11/30/2015 at midnight!

Save 30% your entire order!
enter code: GIVETHANKS

Coupon works in my Etsy shop AND my Bigcartel shop!

I also recently updated my Paypal account so sales on Craftsy and Bigcartel are now open to buyers outside of the USA. Please let me know if you have any trouble with any of my shops. (Bigcartel already was, but I switched accounts I used it with... anyway.) :) 

This will be the biggest coupon for the rest of the year... so don't miss out! ;)

ALSO, I want to announce my newest pattern:

Space Gem!

It comes in 4 sizes: 9inch, 12inch, 18inch, and formatted to print on legal paper (8.5in x 14in) is the 24inch size.

It includes the usual coloring pages, cutting templates, and detailed instructions for constructing the block.

 I will share more testers photos in the next few days, but if you want to see them, you can check them out now HERE. and here's a screenshot of just a few...

This pattern is available on Craftsy (price discounted since coupons don't work on Craftsy), Etsy, and My Shop

{Image from Pinterest}

Thank you everyone for your love and support!! This journey of pattern designing has been more than I ever expected and I'm so grateful for all of you!!!


Monday, October 26, 2015

A Happy almost Halloween coupon!! and what I'm up to...

Happy almost Halloween!! I usually really love Halloween!! I love decorating, carving pumpkins, halloween candy, making costumes, etc. But this year I have been avoiding the topic. I think I'll dress up as a sleeping mommy this year! oh wait!! I'm basically already a sleeping mommy. Or at least I wish I were... sleeping. ;)

Anyway, I thought a coupon and a little giveaway would be fun way to kind of get me in the mood.

Save 15% with code: HALLOWEEN15
expires 10/31/15

Would you like to win a FREE pattern of your choice? 
  • Leave a comment and let me know what you and your family are dressing up as for Halloween. 
  • If you don't celebrate Halloween, let me know what your favorite holiday or time of the year is.

In other news....

I'm working on a new pattern this week. I hope to get it out to testers by the end of the week.

Space Gem

I'm going to really make my son a quilt with this pattern (I always say that...). He's getting too tall for all his quilts and blankets, so naturally I need to make him a new one. And I'm really going to this time.

Anyway, this block will be a fun one for spotlighting focal prints. The center square that is on point, will be one solid fabric! (which means the assembly of this block is a little trickier, as apposed to constructing it as a 4-quadrant block. It was a tough decision to make, but I'm excited! I'll show you more soon...)


because I honestly can't just work on one thing at a time, I'm going to make up some Halloween fabrics and print them on Spoonflower. I want to make a "Happy Halloween" banner like this "Happy Birthday" one I made a while ago.

But I haven't found just the right fabric for it... we'll see how this goes!! I'm really excited to finally try some fabric designing!! :)

I am still planning on turning this banner into a pattern, or perhaps kits. I'm just waiting for the right time to squeeze it in.

I hope everyone has a fantastic week!!! 
Don't forget to pick up those patterns you've been eyeing!!